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Petitions for General Education Credit

Several petition options exist for students who would like to receive credit for courses they have taken that are not currently included in UNCG’s General Education program.

Advisors may complete the General Education Credit form to petition for general education credit for a transfer course or to request a UNCG course substitution or other special consideration for an outstanding MAC or GEC requirement. 

Advisors should be prepared to answer two questions to help in the Council’s consideration of this petition: 

  • Information and evidence of how the course being requested aligns with the SLOs of the MAC Competency being requested 
  • Information or documentation of any extenuating circumstances regarding an individual student’s situation that is relevant to the petition 


As per University policy, students must complete the program requirements and general education program for the catalog year they are in.

Continuing students enrolled at UNCG prior to Fall 2021 who declare or change their academic program can elect to remain on their existing catalog year and general education program, or move to the current catalog year and thus to the MAC program. Advisors can complete the Catalog Request Form here.

Additional notes:

Students on a catalog prior to 2021-2022 may benefit from remaining on that catalog. Refer to the UNCG Advisor Guide to Catalog Changes for assistance on advising students who are weighing their options, as well as those who are in situations where they must move to a newer catalog.

All readmitted students, as well as all students who move to a program not established in their existing catalog year, must move to the current catalog year. See “MAC Curriculum Exemption” and “MAC Administrative Review” on the next tabs for further support.

UNCG student enrolled at the University prior to fall 2021 who must change to the current University Catalog will be considered exempt from the MAC curriculum if the student: 

  • must change to the current Catalog year due to readmission to the University or because they are moving to an academic program that was not established in a prior catalog year, 
  • has earned a minimum of 30 hours in general education courses, 
  • has taken general education courses that span a minimum of 6 GEC categories, AND 
  • has earned credit for a minimum of 1 course with a GMT (GEC) or Quantitative Reasoning (MAC) designation. 

If all of the above criteria are met, the University will consider a student’s general education program complete and no additional courses will be required. Unfortunately, exemption cannot be applied automatically. Advisors working with students who were required to move catalogs should complete the MAC Administrative Review request so that exemption can be considered. 

MAC Foundations courses offer valuable transition support to new college students at UNC Greensboro. Every student enrolled in the MAC program must complete a Foundations course, unless the student:

  • transfers in 24 or more semester hours of transferable work
    • AP credits do not count toward this total
    • the exemption will be applied automatically; no advisor action needed
  • has taken a college transition course at a community college or other four-year institution
    • the course will fulfill the Foundations requirement as articulated transfer credit
    • the transfer credit will be applied automatically; no advisor action needed
  • was enrolled at UNCG in Summer 2021 or earlier and has earned 24 or more semester hours of combined institutional and/or transfer credit at the time they change to a Fall 2021 or later catalog
    • the exemption will be applied automatically; no advisor action needed

These are the only conditions that qualify a student for a MAC Foundations exemption

Request a Gen Ed Advising CONSULTATION

If you have questions about Gen Ed advising, please reach out to Dana Saunders.

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